Popov Foundation is a privately owned art institution with a collection of contemporary art of the highest international standard. Popov Foundation presents some of the world’s most acclaimed Pop Art artists such as a founders of Pop Art Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol and Street Art Jean-Michel Basquiat and others, also iconic Design-Art of the 21st Century. Foundation’s high-profile art collection is continually developed and expanded. Popov Foundation is currently building a collection of its future Centre for Contemporary Art, to feature works of Western and Russian artists.

Since its founding in 2012 Popov Foundation collaborates with other public institutions around the world to organize exhibitions and facilitate loans from its own collection.

The Foundation sees its mission in the integrated work in the field of contemporary art: managing events of its own and participating in the most significant cultural events of Moscow and around the world.

One of the main areas of the Foundation's activity is the arrangement and conduct of exhibition projects, promotion of cultural exchange, support of the Russian Art and young artists, as well projects producing the most famous Russian artists such as AES + F group and other.